Can a gratitude practice help you?

Yes!...We can all benefit from starting a gratitude practice.

This ebook begins by sharing the scientific research that explains how a gratitude practice can improve your mental wellbeing and cellular health and may even help to lengthen your life!

Do you need a gratitude practice?

Now, even though a gratitude practice may be helpful, it may not be something you, personally, need. So, let's do a quick assessment to find out...

  1. Do you spend time each day appreciating the things that make you happy ?
  2. Do you always remember to say "thank you" when someone does something kind for you?
  3. If your day isn't going too well, do you look for something positive to balance out the challenges you're facing?

If you answered "yes" to all those questions, then you're doing great. You already understand how to appreciate the good in life. And, by doing this, you are supporting your health and wellbeing. So, keep up the great work!

If you answered "no" to any of those three questions, then here is how this ebook could help you...

If you're skeptical about the idea of a gratitude practice, how is an ebook going to change that?

Now, I'm sure you know that it's a good idea to say "thank you", and to look for positives, and so on. Maybe you also think this is just that "fluffy" stuff that New Age Hippies talk about.

On the other hand, maybe the hard science has got you curious. You are persuaded that this is a good idea in theory, but you struggle to put it into practice. This isn't because you're a "bad" person, or you don't want to be grateful.

It is a simple fact that when we suffer a lot of knockbacks in life, our neural pathways can change. It can even feel "dangerous" to be hopeful or positive or if, by doing so, we are inviting another setback.

So, part two of the ebook explores these issues. It is possible to reprogram your neural pathways. It simply takes a little time and dedication.

Having set up this framework, you will then get a 66-day gratitude journal, beautifully laid out, inviting you to just complete it!

And, if you don't know where to begin with that, don't worry. All that is covered as well. Part three of the ebook gives you a simple, daily practice that need take no more than 5-10minutes, but which will begin that important task of re-wiring your neurons to find more happiness, health and longevity.

Challenge yourself to commit to completing all 66 days and (again, science-backed!), you will have set up a new habit, a foundation for new neural pathways and a happier you.

Ready to start?...Download the ebook here.

Image of an example page from the practice gratitude ebook

Testimonial from Jess

"I was pretty skeptical about this idea. In fact, a friend gifted me this ebook. But, wow, I never realised something so simple could make a difference. Living with CFS is a struggle, but I loved the way Katie doesn't try to ignore that. I am finally learning how to accept the way I feel and notice the good things and feel thankful for them, even though my body is in pain and my energy is low. I've almost finished the first 66 days and I'm going to continue. Thank you, Katie!"